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dead trains, salt plains, cactus and caves

salar de Uyuni DAY 1 (en franglais)

When we left you last we were about to embark on a 3 day jeep journey through the Salar de Uyuni, THE WORLD'S LARGEST SALT FLAT at 3653 m above sea level and 12000 sq km. We're back with some pretty wild photos...


First stop- CEMENTERIO DE TRENES, the graveyard of rusting LOCOmotives...


And COLCHANI where we stopped to see how the salt is processed. So much work (they must go get it, dry it, grind it, pack it...) and finally a bag of 1kg sells for 50 centavos bolivianos (6 canadian cents!!!) or 50 kg for 8 bolivianos ($1 canadian).

Check out these bricks made of SALT (oui, du sel!). sel_briques.jpg

They make constructions out of salt. Not sure if it's just for the tourists though because their houses were not made out of salt. What happens if it rains on salt?

And quick...I ran to the BAÑO (toilet). Check it out (self explanatory)-

Brel riding a llama made of salt-

And we tried to have a discussion with this real llama but he was not very cooperative-

SuperBrel balancing over a litle salt mountain-

Et notre groupe. Nous etions 6 en plus du chauffeur- 1 francaise, 1 francais, 1 belge, Brel et moi (on ne sait toujours pas ce qu'on est) et 1 british qui n'a pas pete 1 mot en 3 jours-

Vive le Salar! A maze of tracks crisscrossing this white land...

Que dire... absolument magnifique!!!

Le petit point noir au fond est un cycliste. ON en a croise plusieurs...il faut etre fou quand meme! Hein Sebastien?

Honeycombs shapes everywhere and blinding whiteness.
And for those of us who love incredible sky, it's paradise here. It is as if everything was removed and only the sky was left. It feels so big, so present, it glows...

Brel dit qu'il est encore trop petit pour boire du whisky-

Oups j'ai melange anglais et francais. Sorry!!!

Et puis en route jusqu'a ISLA DE LOS PESCADORES ou CACTUS ISLAND...tellement il y en a et ils mesurent jusqu'a 12 m de haut




Il y en a des poilus-

Some really prickly-

And they even flower-


Au menu, picnic et cool photo session. Comme il n'y a pas de perspective, pas d'horizon, les photos peuvent etre tres chouette...

It looks like I'm climbing up this very big apple (no photoshop here I swear!!!)-

And Brel is so happy to hold his mom in the palm of his hand and blow her away-

Et puis on a tous fini par sauter au dessus de notre boite de pringles-

Et les cheveux de Brel qui ne cessent de pousser. Il a desesperement besoin d'un petit coup de peigne.

And we visited this incredible cave. After a 2 year drout and thus no more quinoa, the people here started searching for momies in caves (so that they could earn some money by showing these to tourists) but instead they found this gem-
It looks like lace but it's petrified seaweed. It looks fragile and thin like eggshell. (The entire salar used to be a lake by the way).

Close by, we also visited a PRE-INCA CEMETERY (in a cave)-

et on s'est retrouve nez a nez avec des milliers de CACTUS PETRIFIES-
They look like big ginger root!

On a termine la soiree en musique avec tous les enfants des alentours-
Ouch, our ears!!!!

Et puis ils sont presque tombes dans les pommes quand Brel a sorti son charango... Il a pourtant attendu qu'ils partent mais ils sont revenus en courant et l'ont ecoute de l'autre cote de la fenetre...

Posted by patsybrel 12:19

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The pictures are unreal. Is that a giant box of pringles or is it just persepctive? You are all jumping so high! What an adventure. I bet you will never look at salt the same way again. Can you put a sound on the blog? Brel playing charanga? when are you getting to Chili? I was in San Francisco and there is a main street in Berkeley, just a regular street....and trains ride in the middle of the street...50 wagon freight trains, the Cross California express...so they whistle the whole way so that cars and pedestrians get out of the way. We went to hear Gato Barbiero - Argentinian sax legend....fabulous...wish you ahd been there...love, kisses, hugs,...

by Aniaszpako

wow. those pictures are insane. those are the best yet. I could see a whole book of just these perspective photos.....wow
And there are some with you in there Pats...Yeah.

Brel when you get back we can both go for a haircut together.

by stomper514

Uyuni huay
huanchaky tay
vieille chanson andinne et
je dis vieille comme le sel de ce lac
eternellement ancient
et melange a tout sort des outres chimies,
en toutes les cas,
tres positive pour votre corp
ce de l'energie pur,
comme on vous voit souter
les inmenses cannettes, et
Brel giant qui tient sa maman dans sa
palma de la mano.
Patsy qui peut grimper une pomme giant.
Genial les gars!
Le cactus peludo m'a fait tripper de rire.
Hey Brel ils sont de selles mountains de sel
ce n'est pas de la neige.

by manog

Hello!!! wow those are amazing pictures! and the cactus... I couldn´t believe it... Sooo keep on going with your own "conquest" of america, keep on learning, keep on having fun, keep on like this! besosososos

by davidmiret

Hola hermanita y sobrino!!!
Qué aventura la de ustedes, esas imágenes tienen magia y nos la transmiten a quienes los acompañamos en este viaje.
Las ciudades, los paisajes, todo es bello... pero lo mejor de todo es la gente del lugar, con quienes comparten, a quienes ustedes llevan su alegría y de quienes ustedes se llevan su corazón.
Besos de su familia mexicana, Vizo, Lucy y Rebe.

by rroman

Wow and another Wow ,Patsy et Brel ,the article is as beautiful as the pics .You make a good team .
Most enjoyable to view and read .
Thank you . Regards : Krautarsch

by krautarsch

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